We encourage healthy homemade and handmade products made within  The United States of America!

Support local businesses and bring trade and  commerce back to our land.

Home of the Healing Arukah Oil!

Offering relief from many ailments including arthritis,

anxiety, abominable problems, high blood sugar,

skin problems, depression, weight loss issues, asthma,

mouth sores and so much more!

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Support the Pennsylvania Amish

Buy products made by the local Amish

Amish are prohibited from using electricity, internet and motor vehicles  making buying and selling a little tricky. The Amish rely on neighbors buying goods and visitors to their communities. You can help the Amish retain their way of living by buying their products.

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Appalachia Quail

All things Quail including Eggs, Meat and Hatchlings.

The Genoa Institute

The Genoa Institute teaches subject not taught anywhere anymore. Subjects that can earn a lot of money for the student.

Shepherds’ Way

A private Membership Association whose Shepherds are International Human Rights Defenders protecting the people in social compact within the metes and bounds and seaward boundaries of The United States of America in legal matters.

Member of the General Post Union